We are an eco-friendly company that believes nothing comes before nature and human life.

Research center for general cosmetics

General products focus on the research and development that realizes women’s fundamental beauty, the natural beauty.

Major developing products

Eye cream, essence, mist

Research center for toning cosmetics

This center researches and develops products related to toning cosmetics that aim to make women more beautiful and feminine.

Major developing products

Base makeup, point makeup, sunscreen products

Research center for special formulations

This center conducts researches and develops new types of formulations and materials with the technology more improved than the existing cosmetics.

Major developing products

Acne remedy, peeling agent with excellent cell regenerating capacity, cleansing products with new formulations

Quality control center

This center researches on the quality characteristics related to the production at Pico Bio. It researches and manages the quality to guarantee that the best quality delivered to the customer is constant and stable.