We are an eco-friendly company that believes nothing comes before nature and human life.

Following list presents the product groups and types that are in development or production by PicoBio. Other kinds of products are also available for production with prior consultations.

  • Skin Care
    Toner, emulsion, essence, cream, eye cream, moisture cream, total solution, serum, ampoule, mist, and aroma oil
  • Tone Care
    BB cream, CC cream, DD cream, sunscreen, foundation, cushion pact, powder, mascara, lip gloss, and lipstick
  • Lifting Pact
    lifting pack, and mask sheet
  • Cleansing
    foam cleanser, gel cleanser, cleansing oil, cleansing massage cream, and peeling gel
  • Body and Hair Products
    tanning cream, hand cream, body lotion, body cleanser, soap, shampoo, hair mist, hair tonic, hair ampoule, and hair serum
  • Others
    feminine wash, anal cleanser, products for burning patients, etc.